What Are The Legal Regulations For Adult Entertainment Venues In Sydney?

Sydney’s adult entertainment scene, encompassing everything from brothels and swingers clubs to strip venues and escort work in Sydney, operates within a well-defined legal framework that prioritises the safety, health and rights of both workers and patrons. This blog will explore the key regulations governing adult entertainment venues, covering compliance, disability access, sex safety and health standards.

Development application and zoning requests

Before any party can open a sex premises, their development proposal must be approved by relevant local authorities. Due to land zoning restrictions, adult entertainment premises are only permissible in certain areas. They must not be located in residential zones or close to sensitive areas like churches, schools or daycare centres. Additionally, venues like brothels and strip clubs cannot be within 75 metres of an existing or pre-approved adult entertainment premises.

Compulsory disabled access for greater inclusivity

A set of council-imposed requirements governs access to adult entertainment venues in Sydney to ensure these spaces are inclusive and accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. Access to adult entertainment premises must comply with the relevant legislation and the City of Sydney Access Development Control Plan 2004.

Major entrances to these premises must be designed and constructed to provide equitable treatment for staff and visitors. This includes meeting minimum standards for grade, doorway width and connectivity as outlined in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Health standards and management controls imposed by law

Several key guidelines and regulations inform the all-encompassing health standards and management controls for adult entertainment venues in Sydney. These include the SafeWork NSW Health and Safety Guidelines for Brothels in NSW, Safety Guidelines for Sex on Premises Venues and the Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools Guidelines. These documents collectively shape the provisions that apply to adult entertainment premises, ensuring the health and safety of both staff and visitors. Owners and operators of adult entertainment premises are required to comply with the following regulations:

  • Access to health services and inspections — Under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000, city officers can conduct routine and unannounced inspections to assess compliance with health standards and development consent conditions. 
  • Thoroughly sanitised facilities — Whether you work at a brothel or have an escort job in Sydney, every adult entertainment venue must maintain a safe and hygienic working environment for staff and visitors. This includes access to toilets and hand basins with an adequate supply of potable water. Every premise must undergo regular cleaning using hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • Mandatory cleaning supplies — Adequate cleaning and drying facilities, equipment and products must be provided in every adult entertainment premises, including cleaning sinks, pump action soap, single-use or linen hand towels, air hand dryers and hospital-grade disinfectants.

Mandatory supply of condoms and other safe sex products

The foundation of operation for all sex service premises is the practice of safe sex. It is mandatory by law for these premises to use only safe sex products that comply with Australian Standards. The provisions for providing, storing and cleaning sex service equipment include two key points: 

  • Operators of sex service premises must supply a variety of condoms, dental dams, gloves and water-based lubricants free of charge to both the sex worker and their clients. These products must legally be available in every room or distributed directly to the sex worker when meeting a client.
  • When it comes to the use of sex toys, each item must be covered with a new condom. After use, the toys need to be cleaned with detergent and water, followed by a disinfectant. All contaminated equipment must be stored in a separate container and washed in a cleaning sink — not in a working room or a communal staff facility. 

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