The Ins & Outs Of Escort Work In Sydney

Whether you’re thinking about quitting your 9 to 5 and trying something new or simply looking to learn more about this lucrative industry before taking the plunge, a career in sex work can offer many benefits.

Keen to learn more about escort jobs in Sydney, what you can expect from your role daily and what skills you need to succeed? This helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know about the industry and what you can expect from an escort job when you partner with a safe, inclusive brothel like Claudia’s Penthouse.

The low down on escorting in Sydney

While sex work was once considered an enigmatic underground industry that only attracted sleazy men, statistics prove this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only did a CSIRO study uncover that 17% of men have paid for sex in their lifetime, but the United Nations reported that in a given year, there are over 20,000 active sex workers across Australia.

Sex work is legal in NSW, and brothels are regulated by local councils, just like other businesses. To ensure brothels operate safely, discretely and professionally, and to protect the health and safety of sex workers, there are strict industry-wide regulations in place:

  • Licensing — The NSW government requires brothel operators to obtain a licence to ensure they operate safely and professionally while complying with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Health and safety regulations — Brothels across NSW are expected to comply and adhere to various health and safety regulations, including those related to hygiene, waste management and the provision of safe and consensual sex.
  • Support sex workers’ rights — The NSW government has introduced various measures to protect the rights, well-being and safety of sex workers across Australia. Brothels are now obligated to provide free condoms and other safe sex supplies as well.
  • Illegal activity prevention — The NSW government aims to prevent illegal activity, such as sex trafficking and the exploitation of minors, through the licensing and regulatory scheme. Brothels must maintain a record of all clients and employees and cooperate with law enforcement agencies to prevent illegal activity.
  • Regular inspections — The NSW government conducts both random and regular inspections of brothels to ensure compliance with licensing and regulatory requirements. Breaches of these strict regulations can result in fines and even the revocation of the owner’s brothel licence.

How to become an escort in Sydney — everything you need to succeed

If you’re looking to find an escort job in Sydney, the good news is many opportunities are available! Gone are the days of having to be a big-busted blonde to succeed as a sex worker; women of all ages, shapes and sizes are desired, as everyone’s “ideal woman” is different.

While you won’t have to spend months interviewing trying to find an escort job at a reputable agency, there is a range of skills sex workers need under their belt to succeed in this highly competitive space:

  • You’ve got to hustle — Any sex worker worth their salt will tell you that drive, ambition, consistency and maintaining a go-getter mindset will take you far in this industry. Most escorts work harder than their 9 to 5 friends; however, they experience so many perks — they get to choose their hours, work their way and have total freedom over who they engage with.
  • Carry yourself with confidence — If you hope to make a great first impression with new clients, confidence is king. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, take charge of the situation and showcase yourself in the best light — whether it’s putting effort into your appearance, dressing in a way that flatters your body or ensuring you always look presentable. First impressions count; never forget that!
  • Establish boundaries — From anal sex to threesomes and everything in between, discover what services you want to offer and which ones fit within your boundaries — they may be financial, physical or emotional barriers you’ve put in place to protect your safety and well-being. To succeed in your escort job, always keep an open line of communication with your clients, ensuring they know your expectations and limitations. If they’re looking for something outside of what you’re comfortable performing, you can politely decline the job.
  • Protect yourself and your sexual health — Performing client health checks is standard in any escorting job. You should know how to check for visible signs of STIs, always use a condom and have boundaries to protect your sexual health.

Why choose Claudia’s Penthouse for your next escorting job

Looking for an escorting job in Sydney where your health, safety and privacy are always prioritised? Claudia’s Penthouse is the ideal place for you! As Australia’s finest legally licensed brothel, we’ve forged a reputation for offering the best services while respecting the women who work for us.

We provide a safe, hygienic, welcoming and inclusive environment where our workers feel supported and respected. When you land an escorting job at Claudia’s Penthouse, you can rest assured that every client undergoes a strict screening process — and if you’re not comfortable with what they’re asking for, our team will always step in to protect your safety, sexual health and wellbeing.

If an escorting job in Sydney sounds like the right fit for you, take the first step by getting in contact with our team today for a private interview. Looking to learn more? Browse our blog to discover everything from the art of seduction to a comprehensive guide on becoming an ultra-successful private escort.