Safety Measures In Adult Entertainment: A Comprehensive Guide

Australia boasts one of the most thriving adult entertainment industries in the world. From the glittering stages of strip clubs to the discreet confines of massage parlours, the industry caters to various tastes and preferences.

Amidst this vibrant industry, sex workers regularly face distinct risks and challenges seldom encountered in other sectors. For instance, balancing societal stigma while maintaining personal boundaries is a demand unique to their profession. On top of that,  their work involves frequent exposure to intimate interactions and potential health risks.

As a result, Australia has implemented laws to protect sex workers’ health, safety and legal rights.

Health and safety guidelines in New South Wales

While some states and territories enforce stricter regulations for sex services, places like New South Wales have chosen to decriminalise them. This means venues like brothels can operate more like regular businesses with fewer restrictions than licensed ones. However, they still need planning approval and must adhere to the health and safety guidelines set by SafeWork NSW.

To prevent the potential spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Sydney’s best brothels, employers must provide comprehensive training to their staff. This includes guidance on monitoring personal sexual health and conducting visual health checks of clients.

Note that visual assessments are precautionary measures only. If a client displays signs of a potential STI, they should be promptly referred for medical consultation.

A staff member is not required to share their sexual health assessment records with anyone else, including establishment owners and managers. However, employers may require a “certificate of attendance” for the assessment.

The use of PPE

If a client requests to forgo a condom, the sex worker has the right to refuse to engage in any sexual activity. They may choose to offer an alternative service, such as hand relief while using PPE if they wish.

Employers are required to supply personal protective equipment (PPE) that complies with relevant Australian standards. PPE must be available in adequate quantities, sizes and types, such as latex and non-latex. To maintain the quality of condoms and dams, they must be stored in a secure, tamper-proof location away from moisture, light and heat.

Staff should be trained to consistently clean, disinfect and cover all sex toys with a new condom between clients. In addition, prompt cleanup is essential for blood and bodily fluid spills. All waste products should be handled as if they are contaminated.

Preventing violence against sex workers

Sadly, violence against sex workers is a pervasive issue in all parts of the world. It can manifest in various forms, including verbal abuse, physical attacks and sexual assault.

To minimise workplace violence, SafeWork advises employers to:

  • Implement a strict admission and access policy for clients displaying signs of intoxication from alcohol or drugs, engaging in verbal abuse or showing threatening behaviour.
  • Enforce a strict policy of removing and banning clients who demonstrate verbal or physical threats or abuse.
  • Implement physical barriers, duress alarms, electronic surveillance and clear communication protocols to protect sex workers who work alone or remotely.
  • Ensure that staff members who have encountered a violent or abusive work situation receive necessary medical treatment and counselling services.

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