Brothel Workers In Sydney: Busting The Myths And Stereotypes

If you’re attracted to becoming your own boss but feel untrue sex worker myths are holding you back, we come with good news. At Claudia’s Penthouse, our ladies choose to work when they want to work, who they’ll work with and what they’re comfortable doing — the whip is in their hands! If you’re interested in a safe, discreet and lucrative career, read on to learn about Australian sex work statistics that dispel myths about sex workers and how it offers women a fulfilling experience.

The sex worker myths keeping women from a satisfying career

Myth #1 — sex workers in Australia work in an underground industry

Movies and news stories cast brothels as shady buildings illuminated by a sultry red light staffed by a select few workers. Sex work statistics in Australia prove that couldn’t be further from the truth. The United Nations reports that in a given year, there are over 20 thousand sex workers in Australia, which is further supported by a CSIRO study that found that 17% of men have paid for sex, showing that sex work is a popular and lucrative industry across the country.

Many brothels throughout Australia are simply ordinary buildings that blend into the streetscape — who knows; you could be living very close to one already. Our building, while accessible, features no signage to offer privacy and discretion for our staff and clients.

Myth #2 — sex work is only for victimised, vulnerable women

Sex work is incredibly gratifying, where thousands of CIS and trans women actively pursue becoming an escort. Tired from working a regular 9-to-5 with limited remuneration, the majority of brothel workers are highly educated with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, whether they are supporting themselves while studying or opting for a career change.

Through movies like Moulin Rouge and Pretty Woman and rhetoric from community figures, there are strong attitudes that sex workers need saving — that it isn’t real work. These demeaning viewpoints seek to discount the hard work and discipline required, the high remuneration and the opportunities offered.

Myth #3 — brothels provide an unsafe working environment

Brothels in Australia are strictly regulated, requiring owners to hold a licence that is challenging to obtain and too valuable to risk losing. As an escort, your safety is paramount, and at Claudia’s Penthouse, you have complete control over your experience — you can:

  • Be guaranteed discretion at work and with clients
  • Refuse to work with a client
  • Choose your working hours 
  • Choose how you want to market yourself and your services
  • Decide what acts you are comfortable performing
  • Choose what photos we upload to our website 
  • Be provided with free PPE, i.e., condoms, lubricant etc. 

As the leading brothel in Australia, we will support your decisions without question and ensure you feel valued at work. Our building is staffed by a security team and high-quality CCTV cameras to ensure our ladies can feel secure at all times. We provide you with your own private lounge, makeup table and locker to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Sex work in Australia is decriminalised, allowing all escorts to freely access services and support from public and social services when needed without repercussion or judgement.

Myth #4 — people involved in the sex industry are criminals

Movies have famously portrayed escorts working in tandem with criminal enterprises, be it the mob, pimps, gangs or other unsavoury characters. To be given a licence to own a brothel in Australia, you have to be deemed to be of ‘good character’, which doesn’t allow association with improper business practices.

Sex work isn’t dirty either — the people who use their services are ordinary people working regular professional jobs. You could meet a doctor, a tradie or a business owner looking for some intimacy and shared fun — or even a disabled person looking for affection who could be excluded from regular social networks.

Myth #5 — you will get a sexually transmitted illness (STI)

While more frequent acts of intimacy offer a greater chance of catching an STI from clients, sex workers typically have lower rates than the general population. Free access to regular STI health checks and free supplies of condoms and lubricant, as well as regular, thorough cleaning of premises, shows that sex work is safe to engage in. The health and safety of our staff and clients are paramount— each of our rooms features shower facilities to ensure a hygienic performance for you and your clients.

Ready for a fuller wallet? Join Claudia’s Penthouse for safe and discreet professional sex work

Thinking sex work in Australia is all about whips and chains? It can be, and only if you choose to. When it comes to owning it, dispelling sex worker myths and working as your own boss, Claudia’s Penthouse has an established record of delivering a professional, safe, discreet and rewarding environment for women who choose and want to work in the industry.

As one of the leading legally-licensed brothels in Australia with over 40 years of experience, you can expect a safe and fulfilling workplace that prioritises your safety, privacy and health when you join the team at Claudia’s Penthouse.

Whether you’re new to sex work or an experienced escort looking to upgrade to a top-tier establishment, we invite you to apply to any of our current job opportunities to take your career to the next level. If you’re interested to learn more about the ins and outs of sex work, make sure you check out our blog. Or, for any questions about what it takes to work at Claudia’s Penthouse, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team — we’re happy to help.